Newsletter 22nd January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers






Google Meet - a social time for children and their teachers

We are sure that the children are missing their teachers and friends - staff are certainly missing the children!

Every class will be starting a weekly 'Google Meet' session with children so that children and teachers can see each other virtually.  The session will be a chance for teachers to check how children are, what they have been doing during the week, check how learning has gone and to try and talk about the learning that is coming up next week.  It is also an opportunity for the children to be with their friends as part of their class community during lockdown.

We would love your children to take part, so here are links to a letter explaining more about the sessions, a 'How to' guide for joining a Google Meet and the protocols so everyone knows how to keep themselves safe online and behave in an appropriate way.


How to:



Weekly stories and family challenge

Each week, we will be posting a new story to our school sites. A different member of staff will be reading a variety of stories and setting you a challenge at the end of the story. This is a fun challenge for you to do as a family. If you have a go at the task, please tweet us pictures/videos or send them to your child(ren)'s teacher over Google Classroom - we'd love to see them! 

This week's story is 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers and is read by Mrs Clarke. 

Go and have a look to see what the weekly family challenge is. Enjoy! 


Looking for ideas?

Don't forget that, if you're looking for fun things to keep your children entertained, #BookTrustHomeTime is packed full of ideas! With reading recommendations, storytime videos, drawalongs, activity sheets, quizzes and more - there's lots to try:




We believe that it is important to celebrate achievements.  Each week, children may be given a gold letter from a member of staff or a certificate from Mr Dickinson, Miss Copestake or Miss James.

If your child has done something special outside school - maybe they have helped someone or done something special.  Tell us so that the Uplands community can share in their celebration. Email 


Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher Awards

Some children are sent to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher for a special award.  Congratulations to:

  • Victory J for enthusiastically participating in class activities and remote learning tasks
  • Jayden H for working hard to complete his remote learning tasks every day
  • Oliver W for all of his hard work with his remote learning
  • Jana H for responding to support and feedback in remote learning tasks and making improvements to her work
  • Helan H for all her hard work with remote learning, especially her maths
  • Leanne G for working so hard with remote learning
  • Gabriella S for working so hard with remote learning
  • Omar A for working so hard with remote learning
  • Jasreet S for working so hard with remote learning
  • Daniel B for working so hard with remote learning
  • Diana H for helping her little sister with her home learning
  • Hareir H for working so hard with remote learning
  • Aalaihyah H for an award this week for her fantastic focus and learning on Google Classroom
  • Tyler B for working so hard on Google Classrooms tasks
  • Ahrenay H for working so hard on remote learning tasks
  • Dunia A for working so hard on remote learning tasks
  • Ramisa H for working so hard on remote learning tasks
  • Sophia H for working on her remote learning tasks so well - and her beautiful handwriting
  • Yashveer T for working so hard on remote learning tasks
  • Zoya A for super remote learning
  • Joel W for some fantastic improvements in maths and a great effort across the curriculum
  • Rebecca S for logging on to Google Classrooms and working really hard on all of her tasks
  • Aalaihyah H for her fantastic focus and learning on Google Classroom
  • Mitchell S for accessing google classrooms ever day
  • Samba J for completing outstanding work in google classrooms
  • Kasim J for putting in so much effort with his remote learning
  • Israel A for his hard work in completing remote learning tasks every day


Reading Plus Awards

Each week, the Year 4, 5 and 6 teachers will be choosing one pupil that has impressed them on Reading Plus. This could be because of the amount of time they've spent on Reading Plus, the amount of combos they have earnt, achieving 80% or more or gaining a new level. Each week a certificate will be posted to those children. 

This week the awards have been given to: 

  • Year 4 - Martina
  • Year 5 - Selina
  • Year 6 - Kara

Well done to these three children for their hard work and dedication. 

Could it be you next week? 





Lessons at home on Google Classrooms

Thank you for your continued support with remote learning.  It is so important that children are engaging in their learning and we are offering daily recorded lessons on Google Classrooms which reflect the learning and curriculum that children would have been working on in school.

Here are some examples of a suggested daily timetables.  You know your child best so you can choose whether to follow the timetable set for their year group or to create your own.  Please do as much as you can and remember to read every day with your child. 

Teachers have been calling all families to see how you are and to see how the children are getting on with learning at home and what help and support you need.  It is important that the children are given as much encouragement and support to continue their learning at home.  If your child is struggling with the online learning, please speak to the member of staff who calls you, so that we can offer you the help you need.  

Don't struggle alone.  If you need help, please ring the school office on 0121 558 1602 or email your child's year group email address and ask for someone to call.  



Use your iPhone or iPad as a scanner!

If you have an iPhone or iPad you actually have a scanner! Parents, if you are planning to scan any work to your teachers, you can use the ‘Notes App’.

Open a new note, press the camera button, the option to scan document will pop up.  Once the document is scanned you can email it easier than a photo, plus you can add notes to the scanned document.





Dorothy Parkes Centre and St Alban's Community Centre Community Support

We are based at Dorothy Parkes Centre and St Albans Community Centre.

 Our role is to support and help you to manage any problems or concerns you may have about benefits, the need for food parcel’s, reducing utility bills, general household issues to helping with money/debt problems, volunteering opportunities and much more.

For more informations, contact Pam at school on 01215581602, Fionnuala on 07503 504 064 or pop in to the Dorothy Parkes Centre.


Olio is a mobile app for food-sharing, aimed at reducing food waste that otherwise would have been thrown out by local shops and supermarket chains. There are people who volunteer as a 'Food Waste Hero' and their role is to collect food which has a short 'use by/best before' date on them from the shops and supermarkets. They will then upload the food items on the Olio app where local people in the community can request the food for collection. The best part about it is that it is absolutely FREE. It does this by connecting those with surplus food to those who need or wish to consume such food. 

It is easy to use. Simply download the OLIO app from the app store, register with your details then you are good to go.


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